Wellesley Youth Baseball & Softball

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Williamsport All Star Teams  

This may be the MOST SERIOUS commitment and honor that WYBS offers to our highest caliber baseball players. Following the completion of the Major League season, one team will be selected to represent Wellesley Youth Baseball in the International Little League Baseball Tournament (probably better known as “Williamsport” or the “Little League World Series”). This team is composed of players from the Major League teams who are selected based upon their superior play during the season. In order to be eligible for participation in the Williamsport tournament, players must satisfy Little League's eligibility requirements, including being either 11 or 12 years old and playing in not less than 60% of their team’s regular season games as of June 15th. The Williamsport tournament team is expected to be announced in early to mid June at which time practices can and will commence. District 10 Pool play will begin in early July (actual dates still TBD). Depending upon the success of the teams this very serious commitment that could run into August.  The Williamsport teams are separate from the U12 and U11 summer travel teams.  

Our Williamsport team’s selection process will begin in mid-May with an email from Majors League Managers to the players on each team to solicit interest.  Each Major League Manager will then nominate the most deserving players out of those who have indicated interest and a willingness to make the commitment.  Those candidates are distributed to all the Managers, who then vote for all the players on the ballot and rank all the players from top to bottom (excluding players on that Manager's roster).  A Manager cannot vote for any of his/her own nominated players. The top vote getters will be assigned to the team.  The Williamsport Manager along with the two Assistant Coaches will then be allowed to round out their roster by adding the final two or four players to their respective rosters.  Before the rosters are finalized, they will be reviewed and approved by the Williamsport Commissioner and the WYBS Presidents.  The team will be announced on a date sometime after June 1st.